Weekend Recap (it's a bit of a doozy)

Having a wee bit of a nervous breakdown (we can be honest here, right?)
Driving down to Knowlton seeking some mothering
Realizing that my mother is the least mothering person I know. Damn
Feeling good about being disconnected for a few days
Soaking in the luxury of the clawfoot tub, reading this novella
Roaming the Town of Brome Lake streets looking for D
Coming home, childless, hypnotized by Karen Armstrong on Tapestry
Being welcomed to a spotless home by my crew-cutted husband
Setting my sight on a big fat steak-frites for dinner
Enjoying a quiet adult evening at our new steak spot- nothing fancy, but something that's ours
Forfeiting to the 12 ounce steak, NO amount of work can be done after THAT much red meat
Browsing the quiet streets of the Internet, finding endless inspiration here
Deciding that all I want for Christmas is this, tutorials here

Admitting that I'm way over my head here, but somehow, things will work out?

1 comment:

D said...

You didn't look hard enough!!!! I'm so upset I missed you... it's been too long, Milly, too long! Will I be seeing you on the night of December 5?