Again with the inspiration...

The color scheme in Darjeeling Limited is all about Cool vs Warm. Lots of blue/orange and blue/yellow contrasts, some really great shots, to be expected from Wes (and YES, we are on a first name basis). It got me thinking, maybe I've been a bit harsh on blue all these years? Blue is the kind of color I have never worn with confidence. Except maybe for turquoise. Yes, my electric turquoise skirt makes me happy. But I could do away with the rest, navy, sky, azure, baby (ouache-specially baby). I, however, have painted two rooms blue, but both have quite a bit of green in them. It's just not a color that I gravitate towards. Who knows, maybe as I grow older, I'll like it more... maybe I'll remember back to my no-blue years and call myself a hypocrite.
But, feeling inspired by the D.J. I set off on a Flickr sleuthing rampage.:Sgn

Blue & Mud

I'm TiredLiquor Barn

Blech, we're in another existentialist rut. Seems like they occur every two days now.
At least there's a synchro-nap happening. Haven't had one of those in what feels like weeks! Quick... return phone calls, make dinner, do laundry, get rid of those dust bunnies? Nah, I'll idle on Flickr instead! I'm enjoying the quiet moment and the snowflakes floating outside my window. My shoulders feel like they're starting to relax.
Have no fear ye faithful blog readers, I have made a pact with my blogger identity that blogging is exactly what the Dr. prescribes in these times. So I'll have to push a little harder and strain a little more, but darn it, I WILL blog.
Feels nice to be 'back'
p.s- D.: Did you just DIE in there? I think SF has one of their bigger stores too... hmmm . Justine brought me back an apron from a SF Anthropologie... I can finally wrap it around my body! We'll be coming down around Easter time...


ABraveTonedTimidGirl said...

BLUE! Yea! My favourite colour!!! Red, that's the colour I used to be able to throw to the side. Now its purple - all purple except for a lovely uber dark aubergine. Figures my room is purple. Someday I'll move again, and be able to paint my room a wonderful shade of whatever takes my fancy. And I hardly did anything again today! Woo-hoo to the middle of the week week-end. I did love the blog... just trying hard not to want to be them... I'm already the people from 'Stuff White People Like'... oops... I'll try harder next time...

Anonymous said...

i just watched the film... so blue and so orange. can't process thoughts just yet, but it definitely made me laugh.

blue is amazing, i think you should re-consider, everyone has their bad days!

hurrah for regular existential crises, synchro-naps and being inspired!