Some props

Just wanted to give props to all the other blogger that feed me over here at Cochonet. Thanks to Stephanie over at Bright Turquoise for the Stuff White People Like link. Genius. I also like her take on the NOT To Do List. You should go and give it a once over.
Thanks to Jenifer over at Nectar & Light for the beautiful photographs and for reminding me of the beautiful things that surround me. She also inspired the Weekend Recap.

Oh and this woman....
Creative Director at Martha... hmmm
Bobby Pins sold at Anthropologie... ah, yes
Cover Art for Sufjan Stevens... of course
Anything this woman CAN'T do?

That's about all for today, sorry for the briefness/lameness of the posts recently. I haven't gotten much computer face time... maybe next week?
Evil Le Dary Out.


Katkol said...

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Have a great day.


Kate said...

I love stuffwhitepeoplelike, oh good god its hilarious stuff for times when you should be working..