Bloggin' Fever or Quickie part deux

This is a great Todd Oldham photo for Nest, which went belly up in '04. A great loss to the magazine world.
  • At its core, Nest was an interior design magazine, with the operative word being "interior." Nest avoided the utopian and delved head-first into the crusty, muddled, and often times ugly world of every day life inside four walls with such bravado and disdain for the commonplace that every issue felt like a strange, exciting new world unfolding in your hands didn't feature modern masterworks of interior harmony, or regurgitate trendy lofts brimming with Eames, Knoll, Nelson, and all the rest, but focused on the interior spaces people called home.
- Todd Dominey, WhatdoIknow-

Back to the topic at hand. That car: I love it. I want to take my sausage clan and drive down to New Mexico in that car. Maybe never even come back... Hmm....
That's all I wanted to say.

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