Yeah, about that last post...

To follow up to yesterday's Negative Spice's post, here's a list of stuff that makes me happy:

Spending time in bed with the boys
White tulips
'These Days' by Nico
Flight of the Conchords
Plain black turtlenecks
Good margherita pizza
Picking pussywillows
Seeing newborn horses run
My green dress
Successful baking
Seeing what other people make/create
Empty laundry basket
Stationery/note cards
Friday phone dates (when they actually happen!)
Going to the library

What makes you guys happy?


Hilary said...

a house that smells like delicious dinner and company on the way.

Michelle said...

Ice-free sidewalks!

Anonymous said...

my bone china pink roses cup that i drink coffee out of EVERY morning.

CDub said...

PC wood-fired 4 cheese pizza

Unexpected emails from friends

Glass of wine after having gone to the gym

Giant teas

Gossip mags

Flip flops

Going out for dinner

CDub said...

I forgot A's. Shhh.. don't tell anyone I actually care...a little bit.

Sarah said...

Cleaning out the fridge and filling it up with fresh fruit and vegetables from Rocky Montana.

Good chocolate ice cream.

Zoe saying "I love you mommy" out of the blue.

Being with a guy who still brings me flowers.


Finishing the crossword.