Very important complaining

Can my entrance look like this please?

Here are a few things that I've been needing to get off my chest. To the few fortunate ones who get to see me on a regular basis, I apologize for the redundancy of the following:

No more cooking. No more soups, no more roasted veggies, no more rice, no more dinners. If you have ANY suggestions for quick, healthy dinners... PLEASE post them in the comments. I am getting desperate here.

NO MORE WINTER. That one is self explanatory

No more of my stupid jeans. I hate them. They look 'ok' for like the first 5 minutes they're on. By the end of the day I look like a homeless woman who's stolen two babies from a normal woman.

No more hormonal inbalances. I'd like to keep the little hair I have left. Thank you.

No more sweeping.

No more cloth diapers. I am tired of laundry and tired of poo in my sink.

There, I'm done. I will be back to my 'happy' self tomorrow.


Aimée said...

Ok. Go buy a giant Costco amount of triple-washed mesclun. Pretend you just picked it from your garden. Stock up (translation:splurge) on your favorite salad add-ins: blue cheese, cherry tomatoes, slivered almonds, green grapes...whatever, and make yourself some big all-salad meals. Pretend it's July and you can't even THINK about turning the oven on.
As for the cloth diapers, hang in there, you're not alone. I can't BELIEVE how many I go through with a newborn.

Kate said...

No more winter: ditto!
and you are one brave woman for using cloth diapers, damn