Some things I forgot from the recap:

Rosemary-Mint shampoo from Aveda
Handmade love for Luca in the shape of a blanket (Merci Meme Cochonet!)
Tractor rides
Visits from Tati D.
News of a new baby!
Missing the blogosphere...


Anonymous said...

I forgot to ask you all about crochet and how you will have to teach me!

D said...

yo! i love being Tati D... (what is it?) ha ha. if divorce goes through, i'll take him, providing he comes with fake-ray-bans...
and by the way: i'm off Aveda hair products. more on that another day.

D said...

and what's with the "stuff white people like"... is it a joke? have you ever seen the Eddie Murphy SNL skit when he becomes a white person (and walks with a tight ass)? hysterical.