Blogging and the Art of Zen

Right before I sit down to type a meaty post, I feel all funny inside. My mind is racing, I'm slightly hotter than usual and I can't seem to slow down enough to write a decent sentence. Most of you recognize this and forgive me for the poor grammatical structure and multiple run-on sentences...For this, I thank you. It's funny, because every post is like a mini-birth for me, albeit I'm not naked, angry and bouncing on an exercise ball- Bruno would not be able to handle that on a regular basis.
But as soon as I hit that 'Publish Post' button, I begin to breathe. My shoulders relax and I can now focus on the other 3.6 million things I should be doing.
Like washing those damn diapers or fixing the fruit fly issues with my compost (hey worms: f**k you). The laundry is never ending, but you all have heard my laundry rants, so I'll spare you. You can thank me later.

First things first:
Some inspiration for the coming week: (freezing rain all day tomorrow BTW) Mobile from Frazier & Wing (Portland, Oregon)

In the spirit of having more fun on a day to day basis:
Paper Doll kit from Eggpress (again, Portland Oregon)
How funny is that little dog? Too cute.
I had a point to all of this, but I've forgotten.
Oh, yeah the fact that I feel better after posting. This space had opened up a whole new universe to me. Funny how little things can have big effects.

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