Weekend Recap

This film
Having someone there to put things in perspective for you
Outdoor time with the neighbours
Corona and lime
Impromptu sleepovers
Admitting to yourself that you've been a crappy friend
"Date" night
Pork Roast in a lemon/thyme/garlic rub with baked potatoes and sauteed rapini
Last minute molten chocolate cakes
Hoping that one day, I can live like this
Hoping that I don't let myself get too overwhelmed this week


D said...

you want to live like a book on a shelf under a staircase?
we'll have to talk about Anthropologie, too...

Sarah said...

Em! I just made this chocolate cake and it is deeeevine! I think i'll be eating alot of them given that i just bought 10lbs of chocolate at Aubut today...oh boy!