Where's Waldo (can you tell I'm getting desperate?)

Whoa. Almost two days without any posts. Are you still alive?

Okay, first: my new blog crush:
For Me For You
I know I've mentioned it a few times, but this is one is really really really up my alley. A little fashion, a little design, a little fine arts and lots of great links and some great writing.
It was my first pick this morning. 'Nough said.
Through them, I discovered Oh Joy!
One word:
For Cynthia Rowley
For Urban Outfitters

Corporate Client
Oh and her name is Joy.
You can check out her studio and her shop. Is there anything she can't do? Wow.
On her blog today, she's featured an AMAZING clothing collection that was designed for Justine.
I swear Juice, you're going to fall off your chair.
Yes, it's "green" and yes it's hip... but it's gorgeous and the site is really quite beautiful.
Enough gushing. It's called A Small Collection and Alyson Fox is the designer. I'm too brain dead to figure out how to import a Flash image. So I won't. You'll just have to go check it out.
It's tough love around here, you know?

There's been quite a bit of computer time recently, and funny enough, that's why I haven't posted or emailed much recently. Once this deadline nears, then I'll be all over this internet business.
Tomorrow's entry will be titled "Why batteries aren't safe toys for a toddler". Must tend to some damage control.

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Aw, you're too kind:)