Farewell, perhaps?

So my brain has been swimming with post ideas. Design posts, hotel posts, sad posts, maybe even some well written posts. Who knows. Problem is that whenever I sit down to actually write anything, it comes out sounding like this:

blah blah blah, I'm so tired, blah blah blah, I don't know what to cook, blah blah blah, why can't I find a pair of stupid sunglasses that don't get eaten by Mateo, blah blah blah, I hate everything, blah blah blah.

No one wants to read that, not even me. And I'm the easiest audience.
The short of it is that I'm tired of listening to myself, and I'm pretty sure you guys are on the same page. I don't really have time to read all my beloved blogs, so therefore am not inspired and ultimately can't give you any real blog substance. If that even exists. Come on people, we blog about lasagna. Not exactly ground breaking here. Barely even interesting.

Speaking of neither interesting nor groundbreaking...
One of my dearest readers has recently made an excellent observation about the most disgusting of all salads, the potato salad. That's right, you heard me. DISGUSTING.

"Who just throws huge quarters of potatoes into the salad. I mean who thinks that's alright?" -about huge chunks of potato in potato salad.
Consequently, she thinks the potatoes should be finely chopped. Personally, I think you should skip the potatoes all together, omit the mayonnaise and eat some lettuce.

BTW- I am totally stealing Annabelle's shtick: the simple, to the point, in fact pointless but hilarious. Problem is that I'm missing a bit of the hilarious and opting out of the simple.

So maybe blogging isn't so hard after all? Maybe I just need to dumb down my expectations a bit. I don't know, the jury's still in that little room bullying the last guy, trying to convince him that blogging is dead. But that last guy is still hanging on, eating that last jelly doughnut, thinking maybe he can give this blogging thing one more shot.


Anonymous said...

I loved my Lasagna post and I think CNN is missing out on my brilliant and provocative piece!

You're funny! Right? Because if you're not, all of those things you said about me won't be as funny.

I love your blog, don't stop now!

D said...

I MADE IT TO THE BLOG!!! I'VE BEEN PUBLISHED TWICE in the last month!! anyway, back to reality: you're quite right - i should not have maintained that ANY size potato - not even cubed - was "alright". it's all wrong.

don't get me wrong, however. it has other redeeming qualities. the potato, at it's best, is distilled or deep-fried.