This isn't breaking news or anything, but I love sunglasses. I've had all kinds of them... from the Dollar Store pair with the flaw in the lens that made me baby puke in my mouth; to the Gucci pair that I subsequently smashed under the influence and claimed to ' not give a shit about $300 glasses'; to the sand scratched Ralph Lauren ones that were abandoned somewhere on a TGV in France; to the neat yellow rimmed aviators from Urban that I LOVED but broke, also under the influence. I am a bit of a sunglass whore.
Mulberry 2008
However, now that I am no longer a scenester and have more in common with Bea Arthur than with St-Laurent, Pistol going, "I'm-in-the-Industry" designers, I truly NEED eye protection. I can spot my crows' feet from across the room: this is indeed a problem. Nay, an emergency.
So my friend Caroline was going to retail heaven (Florida) and promised to find me a pair of aviator sunglasses. And she did. And I brought them home. And a certain 2 year old found them. And you can guess what happened.

Ray Ban Original WayfarerRay Ban Original Aviator

So the hunt continues. There have been some promising ebay spots, alas the evil controlling husband has put a halt on the ebay 'must have' purchases. I'm really debating between the Aviator and the Wayfarer. I love them both for so many different reasons. That's apparently what they say about children, so it must be applicable to sunglasses.....no?
Maybe now that I am a mature adult mother who doesn't get black out drunk 3x/week... maybe now I can responsibly own and care for a real pair of glasses?


ABraveTonedTimidGirl said...

I saw the greatest vintage sunglasses stand at Old Spitalfield Market last weekend. I found my perfect pair - they were mid 80's and turquoise rims with black lenses. If they weren't $120 I might have considered them. Man it sucks that people find all the good vintage stuff first and then mark it up to be atrociously expensive. I think we need to have an expensive vintage backlash. I so need to go to Victoria (lots of old people = lots of great vintage)

Michelle said...

I stepped on the last expensive sunglasses I bought (with a sickening "crack!") - lately I've been wearing a $3 pair from Urban (there was a small scratch on them)...and of course, they're un-loseable and indestructible, whereas my sister's Prada sunglasses got chewed by a dog on the same day she bought them.