Why Oscars 2008 sucked

When I started this blog, I made a conscious decision to try and not post negative things. You know, in the spirit of attracting more positive things in my life. Hence the reticence to post about the Oscars. Lets face it, if the biggest names walking the red carpet are Miley Cirus, Jennifer Gartner and Jessica Alba.... you can count me out. What has Cameron Diaz done in the last 5 years? Why was she even invited? Where was Julia Roberts... ? And Gwynneth? What about Ashley Judd and Rachel Weizc (spelling?).... Jennifer Connely? Come on.
In my opinion, it was a star-less event and the pre-show blew. Did anyone catch Renee Zellwegger trying to fix her hair? She looked terrifying.
The best dressed person (by far) was Cate Blanchett followed by that Irish singer from Once.
Ok, maybe Marion Clotillard in J.P.Gaulthier. That's it though, the rest was barforama. Specially the one from American Idol. Ouache.
It didn't help that we had to vacate our Oscar party half way through. I blame a small man named Luca. Who invited that guy?
See why I can't do the negative thing? It starts spiraling and I get nastier and angrier by the second.
So no more negative stuff, I'll store it in my pocket for arguments with Bruno! (ahem- I mean, just kidding!)


Anonymous said...

is it at all possible that you were drawn to Cate's attire due to how stunning she is as a preggers??? Maybe you could relate being the ultimate in preggers radiance? just saying...

Emeline said...

uuuummmm, "ultimate in preggers radiance?" clearly NOT me. Exhausted, enormous and lunatic- maybe.

D said...

interesting: CB was on the "worst dressed" list somewhere...

pretty boring show, wasn't it? i watched about 15 mins - long enough to see jon stewart do the right thing and bring back marketa irglova and permit her to make an acceptance "speech". high point. other than that, i was snoring.