Weekend Recap

For the first time in ages I feel rested. Rested like you would feel after a week of lazing on the beach. Or rested like how bears feel when they wake up from their hibernation. Cate Blanchett last night at the Oscars. She just gets it right every time.
This film
Rolling out pasta with my dad
This desert (with modifications, of course: pear purée instead of raspberries)
Staying in my jammies all day long
Having someone else to plan and cook meals
Quiet time alone with Bruno
This stationery via Creature Comforts
Feeling hopeful that spring is right around the corner
Starting a 'home' file with clippings of neat things that I like for our eventual home
Watching grandparents enjoy their grandchildren

Happy Monday!

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D said...

WHAT??? no talk of the Oscar's from Milly??? and... were you in the "ships"?