Montreal Architecture Firm

So I love reading the paper on Saturday afternoons after lunch. Dad steals the whole thing, mom asks if we're allowed to read some. We all laugh... ah ha ha. Gwenn takes Arts & Spectacles, Mom takes Mon Toit and I take Cinema.
Long story short, there's a great article in La Presse about a residential bungalow conversion into a two storey house. I fell in love with the space. Could not stop thinking about it. I get home to a civilized internet connection and start googling the name of the firm. Y2H. Sounds kind of familiar, but couldn't quite put my finger on it... turns out, they converted my secret (not so secret anymore) brunch spot in Old Montreal. Hotel Gault. Hotel Gault, Lobby

Their work is amazing. They have this old world, meets industrial meets modern approach that really appeals to me. Lots of height, lots of light and lots of contrast. Love it. Iles de La Madeleine- Residence
New Brunswick- Residence

Montreal- Residence


missweb said...

OMG!!!! Come reno my home NOW!!!!

Aimée said...

Wow. Amazing spaces.
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