A whole new web world

So those bloggies really got me thinking about this whole blogging experience. Yes, I know I am repeating myself. When I started perusing Dooce, I read that her blog enabled both her and her husband to quit their jobs and blog professionally. Hmmm. I could earn an income by doing this?
Hmmm. I could buy some Spanx using the money I make here? Hmmm.
Is that something I want to do
Is that something I can do?
I don't have the answers, just all these damn questions!

On another note... Any PostSecret addicts out there? Wow... I know I am. I bet you Bruno sent that one. It looks like his handwriting.

Oops, also have to publicly apologize for that mass invite to StumbleUpon. Although it's a really neat site, I didn't realize that I sent out the invite to my ENTIRE contact list. Yup, including the clients that never paid me and the friends I don't keep in touch with. My bad, my very bad.


Sarah said...

a) Thanks for the apology! - I received your StumbleUpon email 3 times :)

b) Am I a sap (or sucker) because some of those PostSecrets made me cry?

c) Enough with the neat links...I need my life back!

Emeline said...

I feel SOOOO guilty about that. It was one of those things where you hit the BACK key furiously, but to no avail.
I promise I won't post anything interesting anymore.
I also promise to stop starting sentences with "I".
I'm not so good at that.

missweb said...

I also got three invites. WTF Em! LOL. I read PostSecrets EVERY Sunday morning. LOVES!

Sarah! Post more!!!

missweb said...

Em, check http://heatherbailey.typepad.com

New fave!