Tea Set Fridays

I love teapots. Short and stout, long and lean... doesn't matter. I dream of having a huge tea set collection one day although I am off to quite a poor start. I only have one, and it's a tiny little red japanese pot. Bruno won it for me at his office Christmas party last year. I don't even drink that much tea.
Why am I talking about tea pots? Well, our little blog here has been on my mind quite a bit these days (I know... I know, shut up already) and I've been struggling with the notion of 'what it's all about'. I guess it's the blogger existentialist crisis. What is Cochonet Rouge and why would/should I read it? You'll be glad to know that, as usual, I have no answers. I do, however, have a few ideas that will help me have a blogging 'structure'. One of them is a recurring weekly post that you all can look forward to (or complain about- your choice).
Hold onto your hats, this one is going to blow your mind:

Brilliant Recurring Post Idea The First:

Weekly tea pot feature. That's right. One tea pot a week. I'll give you a moment to collect yourselves from the shock of such a brilliant idea.

This Giana Eden Toadstool Tea set ($140 usd) comes to us courtesy of Mahar Dry Goods

Isn't it adorable? Très cute, non? I'm not sure if it's for kids (at that price- I certainly hope not) but I do love the irregularities in the shapes. Each piece is hand made using "traditional Japanese throwing techniques". I am not too sure what those techniques are, but rest assured that I will do my very best to let you know as soon as I find out. Heck, if I'm going to feature a tea pot every week, I might as well learn something.

Speaking of learning, I've noticed that the green content on this site is quite low. Folks, I am researching TEA POTS, give me a break. So while I'm looking at pretty pictures, Monique over at Just One Thing is calculating her carbon footprint. Leave me alone, go learn something from her.


ABraveTonedTimidGirl said...

Emmy says that it would be really fun to have a tea party in the forest with that!

ABraveTonedTimidGirl said...

Emmy says that it would be really fun to have a tea party in the forest with that!

Rebecca said...

I love it!

You can feature my tea pot sometime... it's like something out of alice and wonderland. I think there might be a plant growing out of it currently, though...