WFD... or Are You Bored, because I sure am!

The weekend, in culinary terms, was pathetic. I don't even need to recap it for you.
What I did on Sunday is roast a whole bunch of veggies (sweet potato+ butternut squash and cauliflower + grape tomatoes), poached some chicken (yaaaaaaaaaaaawn), made some brown rice and boiled up a big ol' batch of carrot soup (added way too much water- it's more like salty orange water at this point) and sauteed some chard. I figured that maybe dinners would be easier to handle if I got organized like this. So far I've managed to make big soup/meals using the orange water, some chicken, brown rice and the chard. It doesn't taste as bland as it sounds... I promise!
Now that I think back on it, Sunday evening's meal was too lame:

Pork chops
White kidney beans stewed with tomato sauce
Sauteed rapini

Oh and I can also give myself props for Mateo's lunch today:

Swiss Chard and Sharp Cheddar omelette.

Too bad my camera sucks... once we upgrade to a camera who's flash doesn't just wash everything out, I promise to post more photos. That'll be in 2011, but whatever. You'll just have to endure my poorly written descriptions in the meantime.
Ya, you like it.

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ABraveTonedTimidGirl said...

yummmmm... Your food doesn't sound boring at all. Sure beats the gluten free crackers with cheese I had for dinner. I miss you darling