SOOO much to tell you Pt2

It all started one dull Januray morning. At that time I was working as a junior designer. Feeling unfulfilled by my responsibilites as a JD, I took it upon myself to create what was later known as Construction & Design Research and Development. I basically surfed the net. Occasionally, I would find an interesting new construction material and order samples, but most of the time, I just surfed. Don't get me wrong, when there was work, I would execute it(and HOW!!) but there was very little for me to do on a daily basis.

That's when I stumbled across on the Bloggies. A yearly round up of the very best in blogland. That's where it all started. It flooded my life with new people, new viewpoints, new projects... new everything. It was all very exciting. Angry Chicken was my first, quickly followed by Go Fug Yourself, and look at me now! My very own blog. Who knew that I could sustain something for more than 3 weeks? Certainly not me. The truth is, I absolutely love love love love it. And the best part is, some of you actually read it! Amazing. Thank you for letting me entertain/bore you.

Having said all of that, go check out the Bloggies, who knows... you might just be able to find something you weren't even looking for!

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