SOOOO much to tell you guys! Pt 1

Ok, I have ADHD or something... no wait. I have two babies! Both of which are sleeping, so let me make this quick!
There's so much info that I feel I need to share (don't get all excited or anything, it's all totally useless and unimportant, but I've been feeling neglectful of my little Cochonet... ).
LOVE LOVE LOVE MattBites. You foodies out there are probably rolling your eyes, thinking I'm soooooo last year, but I don't care. He's hilarious, he's a fantastic photographer and seems to have a lust for life that is simply infectious.
Isn't he adorable? The dude has sleeves and he loves rainbows. LOVE LOVE LOVE him. So boil up a cup of tea, snuggle up to your keyboard and surf away.

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