WFD... the recap

So what have the Cochonets been eating recently?
Quick Chili w/roasted potatoes

Looks like the cold weather is forcing great minds to cook alike: go check out Aimée's chili recipe!

Wednesday Dinner: chili and oven roasted thyme potatoes
Wednesday Lunch: bagels and the over-parsniped soup from the weekend (thanks Sarah, I thinned it with milk and it helped a lot)
Tuesday Dinner: roasted veggie salad on raddichio.
Tuesday Lunch (with Sarah!): mixed plate (poached chicken, poached egg, broccoli and salad)
Monday Dinner: roasted veggie salad (you didn't actually think I wasn't going to repeat myself at least once, did you?)
Monday Lunch: sauté de veau with whole wheat rottini and broccoli, courtesy of MC

So there you have it, the whole recap!


Aimée said...

Mmm, sounds good! I'm impressed, you cook so healthy. Repeats are standard around here, too.

Sarah said...


One thing i really like in my chili is a few tablespoons of cocoa (love the yummy Camino brand). It really gives a nice depth alongside the cumin and chili powder.

PS: The link to my blog is faulty:)

PPS. love that i got special punctuation for having lunch with you!