I don't know if you've been following the developments over at Just One Thing, but Monique is on a serious mission: to not use the car for any trip under 1km. How inspiring!
That's what I love about the internet, I feel so empowered looking at all these different blogs. It really sends the message home: we can make a difference (uh-oh, I feel the fundraiser in me coming alive... !). When I see someone baking their own bread, or daring themselves to eat locally for a month it makes me believe that I can do anything! If they can do it, surely I can too!
And lucky for me, I am surrounded by people who do such AMAZING things... it's really quite unbelievable.
So I'm daring all of you to undertake ONE new project this year. It can be anything! Be creative, buy a shower timer (I desperately need one), start composting, volunteer, boycott chain stores! It should benefit someone or something: the environment, your community, your neighbour, your family, a stranger, an animal... you get the picture.
You guys can send me your stories and maybe pics and I'll post them throughout the year! Would you be up for this?
And if you think you don't have time or it isn't for you, check out this picture of Gwen at the Santropol Roulant!
She's in green on the right... this girl is working, volunteering, translating, bookbinding, amazing.

So here are some links to maybe get the ball rolling!
Santropol Roulant
World Changing

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