Little updates

So you will soon discover that I've been struggling with this post. I've finally gotten a few minutes to myself and nothing seems to be coming to me! I apologize in advance for the suckiness that ensues. I'm working on an art project right now, so I guess that's taking up all my creative juices. Damn. Sucks for you guys. By the way, if any of you come across any old discarded frames (larger than 8.5" x 11") keep me in mind... I need to add to my collection.

Do you remember how 'hot' penguins were about a year ago? What happened to them? Are they as washed up as Nelly Furtado will be in about 6 months? Ouch. That was uncalled for and mean. The point is: how do these trends develop? Who decides what animal is 'in'? I think it should be me.
Here are my predictions for next year:

It mammal: the camel
It fish/crustacean: the shrimp
It bird: tie between the owl and the flamingo

Just keep those animals in mind... soon there will be a Pixar/Disney animated film about them and you will thank me for having enlightened you.

On a much more useful and interesting note:
If you're ever at a loss for books, just check this website out. There's also a book sharing site called Goodreads. I haven't had a chance to really dig around in there, but it seems promising.
Baby is wailing.

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