Fashion fashion and more fashion

Okay so it's like minus one million degrees outside. I have all the snowsuits and accessories ready to go. It must be done. We will conquer the outdoors.
But in the meantime, just wanted to give you all some sneak peeks as to what colours to look for next summer.. Marimekko and H&M pair up for S/S 08!!

So this little mama got herself some clothes for Christmas at this store. I know, I'm lame, but you certainly can't beat a great hoodie for 12 bucks. So there. I admit it. I shop for clothes in grocery stores. It's a far cry from some of my past fashion staples (flannel blue and red check shirt or even kelly green "scarf" wrapped as a top), but I think the general public will be happy that I'm toning things down a bit. So if grocery store clothing isn't your thing... you can always check out what's hot off the streets at the Street Peeper.
The arrival of fresh new clothes spurred a HUGE cleanup of my clothing "collection". It was a colourful one. I packed three huge garbage bags for the Sally Ann, two bags for a recycled art project and one bag for the dumpster. I must say I'll miss the rabbit bomber jacket, but it had to be done. So I sadly said goodbye to my ghost of fashion past but I will always remember the time Dove Charney told me I had great style.

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