Where the *&^%$#* is Martha???

So I may have forgotten my own advice.
The Martha Holiday issue is nowhere to be found. So I decided to go on her site and see where the new issue is at.

1) Why is it so hard to find anything on that site? It's like there's way too much Martha and not enough computer power to handle her.

2) How dare she publish photos from the 2006 issue? Come on. Don't you have enough people working for you?

3) Why is there no Michaels craft store here in Quebec? People...have you seen her craft line? Sure, you can make your own decorative labels using a pirated version of Illustrator, a cheap printer THAT NEVER WORKS and millions of dollars worth of adhesive paper... but you can buy them for under $5. So why cause yourself all that anguish?

4) How cute are those button cards?? And who, do you think, bought millions of buttons on Ebay last year....? Oh yeah... button cards, here we come!

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