The two germ monsters are at the hardware store... hence post #2!

How much fun is this banner? If there was ever an image to represent what I want my life to look like... this would be it!
We, as a family, have been getting into music these days. It helps that Mateo has discovered dancing and will perform for us every morning, afternoon or evening as long as we're willing to dance with him. He's quite shy, so if you guys come over, I can't guarantee a dance show, but I can sure try to convince him! He likes to bop up and down... it's too much.
We got this great Putumayo CD from our friends at The Knowlton Station.
And we LOVE it- although I am getting a little tired of the same 12 songs, over and over and over and over again. We highly recommend it and I think they're on sale... so swagger down to the soap store and buy your little families some music!
(wow- sorry for that corny, shameless plug)
Back to the original post topic: family music...

So I tapped into my inner Nancy Drew and started sleuthing on my favorite blogs to see if they had any musical recommendations...
This is how I discovered Dan Zane.
Ironically enough- he's featured on the Putumayo Singalong that we love so much! You can just tell that this guy is fun... just look at the album covers!

Needless to say, I think I've found a part of Mateo's Christmas present!

Happy dancing!
If I was a little more savvy, I'd add a sample of Dan Zane's songs, but I'm not that much of a cyber geek...! You can listen to most of his songs at his website.

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