Christmas Crafting

I know, I know....it's been awhile. Not that you were all desperately waiting for this latest installment of CR (that's cyber lingo for Cochonet Rouge-oh yeah) but who knows, I may already have stacks and stacks of fan mail pouring in from all over the world!
All kidding aside, you should cut me some slack.... we just had a baby! But that's not what this post is about.
Christmas is around the corner folks. Just another couple of weeks and... BANG... there will be no time to craft and I'll be all Stressed-Out-Spice. My husband does not want a repeat of last year's pre-Christmas breakdown.
So this year, I want to be a keener and start crafting right away. My original plan was to craft in September... but that.. ahem... never happened.
I have gifts for family, friends, babies, kids, grandparents; gifts for my neighbours, gifts to mail in Canada and gifts to send over to Europe.
What's a monkey to do?
I can't realistically make all these gifts. Judging from the wide range of recipients, my idea of making one gift for everyone is not feasible .
This is a great place to get some inspiration!

Babies: I'm thinking sock puppets. Materials are easy to come by and it's a fun crafting activity for a group of ladies.

Kids: Book bags... although sewing may not be my forte... I'm hellbent on making bookbags for the 3 kiddos on my list.

Siblings and Friends (adults): Basket of homemade cleaning products... although quite a production, making these products is fun and makes me feel like I'm singlehandedly saving the world.

Parents: Photo album of the new baby...always a hit (considering we had a new baby last Christmas as well- whaaaaaaaaaat? Two babies?)

Now all I have to do is stay calm and not panic. This crafting list may or may not get done and I must be O.K with that. Don't let all the small stuff get to you and enjoy it as you go along.

Having said that, I might cry if I don't find my Martha Stewart Handmade Holiday Issue.

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