Childrens' Books

So this is a book that was given to me by my loving godparents in 1981. Unlike my 6 month old, $100 Banana Republic sweater, this 26 year old book has no rips, its color has lasted and it maintains its' structural integrity. Amazing... isn't it?

This book was written and illustrated by Japanese-American born illustrator Gyo Fujikawa. I would like to claim that I'm an avid collector of Fujikawa's work, but I would be lying. The fact that I am not should not discredit this post. Please- no judging!

I do have a point... I am clumsily getting to it:
While I was searching for illustrations of Fujikawa's books, I stumbled upon a great blog called Design Mom . She has amazing childrens' book recommendations (in fact, she does a "book of the week" thingy). So for those of you looking for new fun books for your kiddos... go check it out!

So there- I was going to post about how great oatmeal is (specially when made with pears, cranberries and maple syrup) but I chose to write something semi-informational.
Does this legitimize the next hour which will be spent vegging out in front of the t.v, eating pumpkin pie?
Yes it does my friends.

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