Magazines Love and Traditions

This post started as an emotional trip down memory lane. Until I realized that it was just a story about how much I like magazines and how awesome it is when someone else buys them for you!
p.s Martha: $5.95 for Everyday Foods is highway robbery.

My parents live on a "farm" and while I was in design school, I rarely had the chance to go up and visit. The odd weekend that we could all be together was something I'd truly look forward to for weeks and weeks. My mother would even call me on the Tuesday preceding our arrival to dry-run the menu. That's how excited we all were about it.
They were golden weekends and I will always remember them as some of my happiest days.
Specially Saturday mornings.
On Saturday mornings, my dad and I, clad in our best farmers' gear, would hop in the pick up and head out for the village. Our mission: Panissimo for two baguettes, Emporium for the newspapers and, let's not forget, my lusted after magazine-du-jour. That was the "treat" my father would buy. And I loved him for it. I was poor and addicted to design magazines. Typical design student. Anyways, I digress.
These little trips were really the only time I ever spent alone with my father- and I loved them. Not that we ever exchanged any deep conversations, or revealed any dark secrets. Nope, we just sat and drove.
What I liked best about those little trips into town, were the ride back home. Holding the new magazine, feeling the smooth paper and wondering what wonderful things awaited me within the pages!! Oh the excitement of a new mag. It still gets to me.
Here's a sampler of what I've been reading:

And I'm very happy to report that I am no longer addicted to magazine. I just really really really like them.

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