Getting Organized!

Nothing makes me happier than a good list. In fact, I have books filled with lists from years ago. They're like small snapshots into my life at the time.
Now that Bruno is heading back to work, we are getting serious about getting organized. This is what I say now, talk to me in 3 weeks and I won't even be able to spell L I S T.
But seriously, we even worked out a weekly family schedule... !
And because I have so much time on my hands, I even completed my Pantry Stocklist and cleaned out my existing pantry (I got a little jealous of Sarah's pantry)!

Now my life will be perfect, right?
Thought so!


Sarah said...

ok, that schedule is insane!

Nonetheless, i am totally in awe of your list-ing powers. you are, and continue to be My Montreal Martha -the unreachable have-my-cake-and-eat-it-too woman!

Anonymous said...

dont you have the internet in Knowlton? i'm waiting for your next posting! i'm addicted! it's been almost a week since your last posting i need my fix