End of an NDG Era

Tomorrow is another important day. My long time friend is leaving our neighbourhood. She's bought her very own condo and is leaving me... stranded...with two babies.
She's the kind of friend who will lend you her favorite pair of sweatpants when you've realized your pants are too tight and you've had way too much to drink. She's also the kind of friend who reads your blog and buys you the things you're lusting after (thanks my love!).
She's helped me through two of my last moves, bailed me out of "compromising" situations and never made me feel shitty about any of the dumb things you do when you're drunk and 19 . Needless to say, I am sad to see her go.

She's a very brave woman, facing this life change on her own, and I wish I was around to help her.
Hil- I love you and good luck tomorrow. Try not to let the small things get to you and be as kind to others as you have been to me. Everything will work out for you but NDG will not be the same without you.

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