Living Spaces

So today I left my purse on the sidewalk in front of my coffee joint. It's good that the girls that run it know that I am a) opening a business b) sleep deprived c) pregnancy-related-retarded (otherwise known as PRR). Guys, this does not bode well for the remaining 18 weeks.

In lieu of writing yet another annoying, self-pitying post, I thought I'd share with you some pictures of spaces that have made me feel good lately. Having the kids sick at home with me has made me realize that I NEED some Emeline Only Space. I'm thinking of a reading room/office/boudoir with a big ass clawfoot tub in it.

You know, like somewhere I could retreat to when I feel like I need to get away, but can't? Am I making any sense? I think the sleep deprivation and all the sulfates from the chicken fingers are talking...
Anyways, thanks for being around. I think I feel a whole lot better when I give this space some time and affection.
Oh and all the photos come from Bloesem's Let's Get Personal feature.


Rebecca M. said...

I have a fantasy about an office space with bright white walls and a sofa bed of some kind, and a great big desk. I have my fingers crossed for the Empress building. It will probably be years before they fix that place up (and if they ever do I probably won't be able to afford it), but I am stalking for a room somewhere on the second or third floor with a window to the street.

I too feel better when you post here :)

Anonymous said...

Didn't Virginia Woolf stress the important of a woman having a room of her own? I'm with you, all the way.