Yokoo Update

New Yokoo favorite:
I’m not a crazy person. I just like what I like.
(excerpt from Vice interview w/ Sarah Steinberg)

Quiet Afternoon

So since our last update, it looks like our little friend has EXPLODED! Notably, she was featured in the Vice Fashion 2009 Issue (which you can read here, on her blog).
And through her Flickr Blog I give you an excerpt from the interview she did with YellowGoat Design:

Before etsy and knitting, what did you do?

Before I came too busy for anything but filling orders, I lived my life as rather faint and less notable and chronic sentimentalist. Yeah I was one of those girls. I fell in love more times than Erica Kane. I based my entire life around whomever I was in love with at the time. Painters, musicians, drug dealers. I even dated a man who used to pick pockets. Then somewhere along the line I realized I was just a hapless romantic who, like the rest of my peers, grew up on bad television and romantic comedies and I should stop torturing myself over men that didn't wipe my tears with silk handkerchiefs.

I don't know why, but I really like that answer.
Read the rest of Yellow Goat's interview here.

Okay, so I'm done stalking her.
For this week

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