It's time for what you call Happy Birthday Cake

As I write this, you are perched on the computer desk playing with the printer. Pushing buttons and exploring the wonderful world of Brother MFC 5440CN with Luca. I just scolded the two of you and you're crying on the floor. You're reduced to a little pile of long blond hairs and big crocodile tears. It only takes a few minutes and you're back on the desk. Trying to feed a disk into the printer proves to be more difficult than you anticipated. Luca will help, don't you worry. If only Papa could see you now.
You demanded toast and butter this morning. I apparently didn't put enough butter for your developed palette. I finished your cold pieces of toast, like I do every morning. My how you loathe crusts.
We are going to the garden today and you're excited to retrieve your blue hat (read, MY blue hat that you have stolen). Liam, Suzanne and Avia are excited to see you today. Jazzy will meet us at the garden and walk home with us. She has a surprise for you.
No, it's not chocolate.
When we get home, we'll probably read some books on killer whales and you'll wrestle with Luca until someone starts crying. Then naptime will come and you will resist at first, but then cuddle up to your dearest dodo. You'll also bring along your blue sharky and you'll have extensive conversations until sleep finally takes you away.
I wonder where your dreams take you. A small part of me hopes that I'm in them.
You will forever be in mine.

It's time for what you call Happy Birthday Cake
I love you,


Sarah said...

I have a little something for the birthday boy, but something tells me that maman will like it more...

missweb said...

*SNIFF* I'm reduced to tears! Ummmmm... you have a 3 year old! How the hell did that happen?!?!

Happy birthing-day lady!

Hilary said...

big kisses to my mateo. his smile has forever changed me.

Rebecca M. said...

Happy Birthday Mateo!

I wanted to tel you that somehow Mateo has tramsmitted the "mateo mischief face" to Essen. It's uncanny. And as a result of seeing it all the time now I have been thinking of you guys!

Happy b-day and I hope it's a good one!

Aimée said...

Happy birthday Mateo--did you eat your cake crusts?
and maman, welcome to the 3's.The good news is there are even more laughs that the 2's.