Hitting Home

B and I have been daydreaming about taking the boys, packing up the essentials and driving down to Chile. After watching this, the Universe has more than confirmed that it's a good idea.

So was I in a coma when it came out? Has everyone seen it and not told me about it?
Really? How did it slip off my radar?
I'll be sparing you the pseudo-art speak critique and cut to it: this is an original little film. Offbeat, genuine and imaginative. It was the perfect film for my mood.
Knowing nothing about it probably helped- hype just ruins things for me.
Please don't send me hate mail about how much you hated it for blah blah blah reason. I don't really care all that much. It made me smile and it made me think. That's good enough for me. AND the music is pretty darned good.
Justine, I think you might likey.


D said...

if i want to give you my opinion, there's nothing you can do about it, jerky... :)

foucault123 said...

Ha! I'm buying a car this week and that's one that I'm looking at. Gotta love ancient Japanese station wagons.

I haven't seen it either, nor had I heard of it (cultural inertia since the end of high school or so), but I'll watch it for sure. Thanks for the recommendation, and I totally thought that was a picture of you and Bruno for a second.