Extreme Week/ Weekend Recap

Bedtime in the family tent
This film
Looking forward to a new week
This film (I know, lots of movie watching happening over here- but seriously, it's AMAZING)
Dreaming of this island
Great conversation with my oldest friend
Five loads of dirty, sandy, damp camping laundry- done and folded by Sunday 11pm.
Amazing deodorant
A successful homemade bug repellent
How two toddlers can be less work than one toddler
The drive home
Baked goods from both sets of grandparents
This Flickr Pool
4 hours of traffic
Trying not to feel guilty about the lack of posts going up
Dreaming of this
The Next "Stuff White People Like"... you heard it here first folks

1 comment:

Aimée said...

Fun fun! We're going camping in 2 weeks. Any tips on doing it with little ones??