I use to draw

Susan Conner over at HeySusie* (my new blog of choice- more on her later this week) had a handmade arts showcase last week. Wow, the stuff she found is amazing... truly inspiring to see what other people make. You MUST check out these crocheted earrings by Tania Nova.
She focused on an illustrator named Lauren Nassef (yesterday's illustration). A graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, she works and lives in Chicago where she also publishes A Drawing a Day, a blog where she posts daily works in progress.
These are but a few of the great drawings she has on her blog... note the portrait of the man is called Pocket Portrait of a Pretend Boyfriend. I love pretend boyfriends. AND note the bulldopg clips. That one is for Justine who thinks i'm crazy.

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Anonymous said...

I took a look at her drawings yesterday. Makes me want to "go back to the drawing board".