WFD W.Day Edition

You may have noticed that there isn't so much WFD around here. Let me know if you want me to bring it back, if I didn't eat the same damn thing every day, maybe it wouldn't bore me so much!
But last night's dinner was quite special, so I give you:

WFD: V.Day-08

Heart Shaped Baguette from Premiere Moisson
Piece of Riopelle-Iles-aux-Grues, Qc
Bottle of La Vendimia (Rioja from Spain 2006)
Top Strip Sirloin Steak
Tomates a la Provencale
Sauteed Rapini
Pommes Sautees (for B. they're his favorite)
Madeleines (again for B. but I'm sure I ate a whole dozen to myself. Not so Skinny Spice, but what can you do!? trudging out in the snow today will make up for it, right?)
I'm still full from dinner... but that didn't stop me from eating two madeleines for breakfast!

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Aimée said...

I am mixing up some madelines for tomorrow's brunch as we speak. It's amazing how fast they can disappear, isn't it?
Sounds like a yummy edition of WFD. I sooo miss all the raw milk cheeses and dark red wines.
Note to self: have a wine and cheese ASAP after baby is born.