Teapot Fridays!

You have no any idea how hard it is to dig out THE teapot for this feature. I've been searching, and sure, there are tons of 'fine' teapots that would do the trick, but THE teapot is rare. It takes a lot of clicking, a lot of google searches and some luck... but I'm learning!Sperlein Red Berry Teapot $187 usd at Lille a shop.
Perfect, isn't it? Too bad they don't have the accessories. Nothing like the little creamers...

You don't think I would just leave you with the solo teapot, did you?!?!
I managed to stumble upon this little ceramics studio via via via Design*Sponge (as per usual- damn her, she's brilliant!). Alissa Coe and Carly Waito are recent graduates from the OAC. They've joined up and founded Coe&Waito, a ceramics studio that produces functional, sculptural and installation pieces.

I can't imagine how much better my oatmeal would taste in these bird bowls. Seriously.And these spoons? Come on. Too much. Mateo would love them.These birds remind me of the eccentric pewter rooster set my mom has. Except these don't have rubies in their eyes. Meaning, they don't look like they've been attacked and maimed by their fellow bird brothers.

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