Very Pale Green

We here at Cochonet Rouge were attacked by the first big cold of the season. We're on the mend now, but still waiting to see if the littlest Cochonet has fallen ill or not. Papa Cochonet will most likely be at his worst this weekend
Not very interesting stuff on the food front. A second batch of red lentil soup, a generous lentil soup gift from Caroline, an omelet and a mediocre radicchio dish. Meh.
I sauteed some sweet onion, added some italian sausage and threw in some thinly sliced raddichio leaves. I let it cook down and glazed it with some balsamic and seasonned with parmesan and black pepper. It was fine, but too many of the same textures. It needed that little something. Maybe next time.

This illness, and reading Just One Thing, have got me thinking about how poorly I've been doing on the environment front. The littlest one is more often in disposables than cloth (which I am so ashamed of) but he's still in the leaky phase and I have no interest in adding one jammy and undershirt per diaper change to my ever growing pile of laundry.
My tissue and toilet paper consumption (neither of which are recyled btw) has gone through the roof and so has my water consumption. I like to take baths when I don't feel well, and it's a fun activity that I can do one on one with Mateo. Needless to say, if we were charged for our water intake, we'd be dead broke by now.
Oh and our vermicompost is not as efficient as I thought it would be... I end up throwing out a lot of produce waste that could otherwise be composted. Our garbage has at least doubled since the summer.
Well at least I'm aware of it! The water will be the hardest thing to change.


Aimée said...

Hey there! Cute blog you have here. I am always thrilled to meet another local blogger. We use cloth diapers around here too, and 'try' to be as green as we can, but most days I tend to agree with you....we can always be doing more.

monique said...

Hi Emeline,
Don't feel guilty!! The baby's in cloth diapers a lot of the time but not ALL the time. And every time she's in one it leaks like crazy & boom! more laundry. I'm on a quest now to find a leak-proof way to use cloth diapers on a very active 18-month old. Wish me luck!