I can see clearly now.

Are you ready? This is a long one...

Despite the fact that my eyebrows are- as we speak- invading the realm of my eyelid, things are looking up! Justine, I'm going to need your little tweezing hands next week!

Mémé Cochonet (from now on referred to as MC- that's my mom btw) came to the rescue today, Not only did she totally help me out, but she wasn't as harsh and judgy as she normally is. Despite the fact that she told me my broom was 'just terrible' about 6 times, MC washed the floors, helped me with groceries and took Mateo to the local baby cafe. Wow. I feel like a new person. I even started a new craft project: a children's kitchen (apron, oven mitt and wooden spoons) set for Bruno's niece. It's her birthday on Saturday and if the Littlest Cochonet gets a clear bill of health at the pediatrician's tomorrow, we shall all be going to a big birthday party! I'll post pictures of the kit if it ever gets finished.

I like keeping track of things, it gives me an inflated feeling of control and efficiency. So I've been tracking all sorts of things and the best part of all this track-keeping is the recording of it. I track each set of things with a specific paper and a specific pen/pencil. no substitutions. If I make a mistake or it looks messy, I must devise a new track-keeping system. I've been tracking all of our non-essential spending and grocery bills and IT'S SO MUCH FUN. I have my little spreadsheets and my little notebooks... I have totally outted myself as a premium nerd. I know. But I'm keeping my fingers crossed, mama needs a new Moleskine book- I saw Stephanie's while she was in from London and fell in love. It's the 18 month planner- left page is the week and right page is checkered for notes. IT'S PERFECT. Are you guys digging the allcaps?

I feel like I've had too much sugar...

You must be asking yourself, what did Emmy Lou have for dinner? Or as a clever Aimée over at Under the High Chair coined "WFD". Thanks Aimée, I will using that in the future!
WFD January 17th:
Sauteed swiss chard, italian sausage, grape tomatoes
Brown rice
Nothing to blog about (!), specially since I burnt the s***t out of the chard. But at least it's healthy.
That's it for me. Must go keep track of things...

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Aimée said...

No PROBLEM. "WFD" is all for the sharing.
We must have a similar sense of humor- I am always giggling over your posts.
LOVIN' the allcaps.
Please post a photo of the children's kitchen. I may place an order for one for Noah. We could work something out, right?