i hate coming up with these stupid titles

So I promised the weekend food follow-up:

More lentil soup (me? predictable?)
Mixed plate (I was alone for dinner on Friday): poached chicken, green salad, soft boiled egg, steamed broccoli and tons of grape tomatoes oh and a piece of toast.
Broad bean pancake/fritters (mine paled in comparison to the ones Hil made two weeks ago, but Mateo still ate some): pureed broad beans with some onion, flour and olive oil. Formed into patties and pan fried- like falafel.
Broiled pork chops with roasted butternut squash (yum!!)
Cauliflower gratin (mateo's dinner)

The culinary disaster of the weekend is the 8 cups of veg/lentil soup in the fridge. Ouache. I think I added too much sweet potato or garlic. Not sure, but I hate it. And there's nothing worst than eating something you're not in love with. Ok, maybe there is, like famine or being separated from your children during wartime. But eating something that's a disappointment to you is right up there.

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Monia said...

you can never have too much garlic