Built by Wendy

First, I love the name. Built by Wendy. It's very clever.
Second: she sells patterns... yes you can make your very own Built By Wendy clothing.
Third: I think one of her models is an ex-ANTM contestant. Please help me verify this...
Fourth: She's just cool. And her name is Wendy
I'll take the hoodie and the library.
How and /or why do I know her face?


ABraveTonedTimidGirl said...

Darling, if you LOVE built by Wendy (I adore her too), you will also adore Burda Style. Free Patterns! I love free patterns, they have some really cool stuff. Here's their website www.burdastyle.com.

Enjoy! I miss you and your little ones tons!


ABraveTonedTimidGirl said...

I forgot something. Hence the two comments. If you aren't heading to your local Fabricville any time soon, you can get the Built by Wendy patterns at Urban Outfitters... wow sewing and crafting has gotten much too cool for my little homemade self. But The Built by Wendy patterns are Simplicity, so often those go on SUPER SALE at Fabricville for 99cents. So keep an eye out. How I wish patterns went on sale here. She also wrote the book SewU, which for the basics looks really great. Sorry for the super long posting :)

Monia said...

You recognize the model's face because she is an actress. I could not place her either, but I ask Rob to search his database (brain) and her name is .....Robin Tunney