Good day for blogging

Both babies are sleeping, Oscar nods are out today, snow outside... what more could a blogger ask for?
How many of these films have I seen? Zero.
Will it stop me from talking about them? Absolutely not.

Best Picture
Best Actress:
" height="43" width="53">Ellen Page: Juno

Any big surprises here? Maybe Marion Cotillard, or Tommy Lee Jones... but the rest was pretty predictable. Buzz word this year is INDY... so maybe Ellen Page will win. Who knows?

Best Actress will definitely not go to Cate Blanchett (not because she's not fantastic- which she is-) but Elizabeth? Again? The Queen last year..Elizabeth Take Two... meh. My money is on Julie Christie.
Best Picture could go to anyone... but maybe this year will be the year of the comedy? Maybe Juno will sweep? Probably not. It'll be a toss up between No Country for Old Men and There Will be Blood
Best Actor... my vote goes to Daniel Day Lewis. The man has made maybe 4 or 5 films in the last 10 years which have all been excellent. He has integrity, talent, looks, two boys and he's COBBLER! Could he get any cooler? Not in cochonet's book.

So there are my ignorant, uneducated guesses. Maybe those of you who have seen the films would like to comment?

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