Kidney Love

Thank you to all of you who have called and have sent us good vibes. THANK YOU... Things have been a bit chaotic, and I'll be in touch as soon as things quiet down a bit.
Oh and happy birthday Mom (as if she's reading a blog!!!!!) you got the best present of all...

Just wanted to stop and take a moment to thank the universe for the kidney it sent our way. It gave us hope that things somehow end up working out for the best. It went to a very strong person who, despite many bumps in the road, holds her head high and keeps on living. I know she has her bad days, though she seldom shows it, and I hope she knows that she was chosen to live with these burdens. The universe chose her to be a messenger. Someone who reminds us that, despite all our problems, we can still be strong, loving and generous people.
I love you even though you never shared your chocolates with me.

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D said...

indeed, millie, indeed. a tear. thanks.