Design: an old friend

Once upon a time, a time before cloth diapers, playgroups and naptimes, I was a designer, or so I'm told. Hard for you to believe? Even harder for me!! In a lapse of nostalgia, I floated onto Apartment Therapy this evening. To my surprise, it thrilled me just as much as it did a few years ago!
Dear AT: sorry I've been such a fairweather friend...

Batya Kalderon-Hadani, Cresskill, New Jersey. Kitchen entered in the Architectural Digest Open Audition Contest

For those of you who aren't familiar with AT (is that even possible!?!?), it's like one of those glossy expensive design magazine. But it's FREE! It's like a design blog that has a staff of 20 scenesters web hunting for good articles, great craigslist finds, hosting contests, and writing on general design topics. Recently they've branched out and have added AT Nursery for great baby stuff, AT Kitchen for all you foodies out there, and most recently, they've gone green!

So do like me: pretend you've accomplished all the things on your To Do List, boil up some tea and ignore the phone. It's time to get re-acquainted with an old friend: design.

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