I'll be honest, I've been suffering from bloggers' block.
There are so many great blogs out there, it's almost been intimidating to write here these days. It feels drab over here. I keep on fussing about with the layout and format, but it still doesn't feel like me. Soon....

I'm sure it will pass, but in the meantime you guys should check out these gorgeous sites:


I've been meaning to post some shots of my Christmas crafting, but it's been so gray around here... need better sunlight to show off my creations! I'm also planning an all-out-sewing extravaganza for Friday. I will be attempting a mass sewing project for Christmas giveaways...
Just trying to figure out what sewn-goods would excite my dad!

Oh and in other news, we ROCKED the Friday NYTimes crossword puzzle. Oh Yeah. Saturday's is still in progress... feeling a little defeated by it. But I'm sure we'll get a breakthrough... I've already ripped through both the NW and SE corners... soon the center shall fall!

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missweb said...

Not more links. I really don;t have time to read any more blogs. You're killing me with all these cool things to look at. Soon I'll get out my sewing machine and wanna craft too! I so want to craft. Damn the job that pays my bills but eats up all my time....

I miss you!