Worms...are we really going there?

So as many of you know, winter is slowly settling in. Bruno has just finished insulating all the windows and doors while I am in the painstakingly slow process of raking the never ending pile of maple leaves. Do we have a maple tree on our front lawn? No, we do not. Our neighbour, on the other hand, does.

And it's very big.
And no, I am not bitter.
I like raking.

But the question on our minds is the following: what do we do with our dearest friend, the composter?
It was so good to us: it ate up all the garbage, all the leftovers, all the rotting stuff hidden at the back of my fridge. How can we turn our backs on someone that has helped us and made our lives better? Do we just leave it out there, to freeze, alone, until the warmth returns to us, next June?

I say nay.
I present to you.... the worms.

Now, bear with me people. Sure they may be gross and wiggly. Yes they are asexual and yes, when you cut them in two... they just keep on living. These things, and many more, make them quite gross. But maybe, just maybe, we can learn to live together?
We may fail, we may find ourselves with a toddler eating worms... but we are ready to take that risk.
Ladies and gents, I give you the project of winter 2007/2008: Vermicompost

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