Down with Facebook

I am the first to admit it... I was intrigued at first. My friend at the time convinced me that "all the scenesters are doing it". Heck, I was single and had no babies... so why not?
With a few clicks and an obscene number of terrible digital self-portraits, my Friendster profile was up and there was no stopping me!
It was so much fun... spying on what other people were doing, seeing who was friends with who... the entertainment was endless.
A few weeks later, Friendster was nothing more than an Ugg boot to me- something really ugly disguised as something I should want.

That's why I should have known better regarding this Facebook business... but no.
Now, it's like my teenage acne: I despise it, but have no way of avoiding it.
Instead of getting creepy messages, I get messages from people who were mean to me in Junior High. Why would they now want to be my "friend"?
I preferred the creepy messages from my friends in Mozambique. At least I knew they genuine.

I will cut my rant short (be thankful, I just erased three somewhat angry paragraphs).
And if you needed further proof, my friends, check this out:

(I will be canceling my Facebook account as soon as I've caught up on who's fat, who's married and who's balding)

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