Cutting Tables and Lights!

Well the day started off not so productively, with my AWESOME friends (didn't mean to make that sound sarcastic- Monia and Rob ARE indeed awesome) offering to go to Ikea AND Home Depot (um... are they crazy?) for our workstation tables, only to find out that despite ikea.com saying they HAD stock, our legs were nowhere to be found. Urgh.
Anyways, after a long morning at the park with the boys and Jazzy, I got ready to run around: pick up the sewing machines in Laval and try my luck at the Boucherville Ikea for those dang Fintorps. Bad hair and nasty sunburn to boot. Meanwhile, the menfolk were hard at work building huge ass cutting tables and putting up lights.

Anyways, I think it's taking shape quite well! Next up is the bookcase/fabric/wall unit solution, the black wall (which I am most excited for) and the workstations. We will be ignoring the cash counter (who needs one of those?!) until the very last minute- sounds like a plan?

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